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Buy blue rhino online cheap. Buy Blue Rhino weed online cheap. Blue Rhino is an Indica dominant hybrid, prized not only for its THC count of up to 18%, but also for an outstanding, nearly 2%, CBD count. It has a slightly sweet strong earthy taste. The immediate effect of Blue Rhino is a strong euphoria, quickly followed by a powerful body buzz that can put unsuspecting users to sleepAn Indica dominant strain which is a cross between Blueberry and White Rhino. This flower is a growers pride and joy as it produces larger than normal buds when growing. The smell compliments these buds with fruity aroma mixed with a touch of skunky harshness. As the name suggest Blue Rhino provides a mixture of effects with its large buds being pleasant on the eyes however knowing it provides a heavy punch ones overly messed with. It is often used by all smokers for different reasons. Insomniacs find it works well with putting them to sleep. While other smokers find it sparks creativity. Where ever you find yourself on the smokers chart Black Rhino can provide a happy experience for you. Best indica strains. Buy Blue rhino at leafcuremed. Get that perfect high you are looking for.

This strain will make you feel:

EFFECTS: euphoric – 10; relaxed – 9; happy – 8; sleepy – 8; uplifted – 5

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14grams, 1oz, 1/4 pound, 1/2, 1pound

10 reviews for BLUE RHINO

  1. Sindy@

    Love it! Some strong stuff! Worth the money! Would buy again!!

  2. Mane

    Good body high but would not recommend for night time use. Will make you stay up and loose sleep.

  3. Marlins

    I’ve really enjoyed this smoke this far. I’m in a chill head space and I look forward to feeling this way until tomorrow.

  4. Kyne

    Very nice sativa hybrid, although the hybrid strains don’t seem to be as consistent as the pure sativas. However when it’s good it’s very good.

  5. Michael

    fuck yeah bud, I’m kinda shaking and zoning out but Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Blue Rhino it’s so cool 😎

  6. Michaelkilln

    I use this strain as my “gold standard” by which to rate all other strains. All around good high. You can get quiet and spacey, but the good far outweighs the bad. It’s a classic. A “must buy” whenever I see it at my dispensary. A very uplifting, chatty, creative, long lasting high.

  7. Angrey grey

    I’ve only smoked recreationally but I’ve had excruciating pain in my knees the last 3 weeks to the point I had to take a sabbatical from my job. Insurance hasn’t kicked in yet so I’m having to wait to go to the doctors and someone had told me to try smoking some weed medicinally to help with the pain. I haven’t smoked in months (recently moved and have been looking for a weed guy) and it never occurred to me that could be an option.

  8. Hurrine@@

    It is a very strong, focused, cerebral high. The smell alone is enough to be intrigued by this fruity flower. With a “Haze” hangover, I find that this bud is best for early evening use. I would highly recommend this flower.

  9. Denis.@

    I rate this strain so high because it does what I need it to do medically. Yes, the buzz is nice (often essential), but that’s not why I take this strain. If I want to get baked I choose something specifically for that (ah, the variety of growing your own in addition to sampling what the collectives have…what a life!). BR allows me to be completely focused, lightly buzzed, incredibly creative and energetic. I usually partake if I’m stuck. I am unstuck within an hour, completing the project better than I had originally envisioned

  10. Denial

    Personally, I didn’ t enjoy as much since it powered me off completely and I would just sleep without realizing I did that, lol. I was looking into a more creative high at the time, so I wasn’ t expecting that from a Hybrid. However it wasn’ t a bad experience, just not what I was looking for at the time.

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