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Larry OG, also called Lemon Larry, is yet another member of the famous ocean-grown family. Originally created in Orange County, this indica is a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG. Larry OG produces a potent yet easy body buzz that will allow you to relax while getting things done. The effects are happy but not overwhelming. Like other members of the OG family, this strain has a very clean and piney aroma. The nugs tend to be dense and feature distinct burnt orange hairs that are longer than average

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14grams, 1oz, 1/4 pounds, 1/2pounds, 1pound

9 reviews for Larry OG

  1. Kane

    Fantastic wake and bake … Especially if you were feeling a wee bit grumpy. You can’t hold back the automatic smile that this strain brings on. If you’re into euphoria (and who isn’t?) it’s your strain. This one was clear headed as well and made the day fly by in a fun filled way. I’d purchase it again, for sure … probably stock up, as well, which for me means buying more than an eighth.

  2. Chanel

    Fairly intense head high, with a pretty hard come down. Great for a long party then helping you crash after Waffle House.

  3. Bondy

    Im more of a downer smoker but this strain is reallt nice. Its a really good strain to smoke before you go into school or work because it gives you more of an open mind to accept information, puts you in a good mood, and allows you to focus. At home its good to clean the house, work on some crafts and work on any papers that are due, then bout an hour later you can lay down and melt down into your couch.

  4. Philip

    Perfect wake and bake strain. It’s nice fruity aroma prepares you for the hard, but steady hits you’ll get from this strain.

  5. Micheal

    My favorite strain yet! Juicy Fruit had me feeling calm yet energized. I was so relaxed and absolutely nothing could bother me. Highly recommended!

  6. Ransom

    whoa… I am so fucked up right now!,! Perfect strain for the smoker who has a tendency to panic!, my absolute fave!

  7. James

    This is by far my favorite strain. The smell is amazing. The high always made me feel refreshed. Did not experience being dizzy. It just made me happy and relaxed.

  8. Carlos

    this strain is the perfect happy hybrid. I use it while I do the chores I hate the most around the house and always find myself motivated to do at least one thing to get a little ahead, I which on getting more of this strain .

  9. Mally @

    Damn. All I can say. Vaping Avilas live resin purchase at Cinder in Spokane. This is good. I feel creative and talkative. Two hits… I would say I have a high tolerance but who doesn’t (if you are on Leafly reading this right now you are not a novice). Heavy behind the eye feeling hits fast and hard… not a beginner strain. Stoners … sit back and enjoy the ride… great social strain.

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