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What are some effects of Northern Lights strain?

This almost pure indica strain offers you Deep relaxation, focus, make you  creative although, creates euphoria, sociability, and helps in pain relief and and to top it all, happiness. Brings out the joy of the day. This strain is also characterised by its Deep, sweet, Kush-like, spicy, skunky, citrus, pine aroma. It  gets the mouth all watery.

THC and CBD content of Northern Lights strain

This strain comes with a THC content of 21% and a cbd content of 0.1% with indica to sativa levels at 95% to 5% respectively.

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Northern lights was made in Seattle Washington, propagated by Sensi Seeds of Holland. NL is a mix of Afghan landrace and Thai landrace strains.  Once known as Cl#5 F1


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14grams, 1oz, 1/4pounds, 1/2pounds, 1 pound

11 reviews for Northern Lights

  1. Grey

    Me and my friend hit this out of a bong one night in a hurry, some asshole played a joke on us and said the cops came right as we hit a giant nugget; what occurred next was legendary to us. We sat in my car, in a parking lot for 4 hours straight unable to move, and staring at the stars, after that time we drove (with great difficulty) to a restruant where we stared at our food for 2 hours before we came down. We have never even came close to being this high again, it was the strongest stuff I’ve ever came into contact with.

  2. Nelson

    …I am laughing on the inside and outside, because I see why people say this is the ultimate in Marijuana. (and everything is honestly funny to me right now) I. AM. IN. LOVE. I have been smoking for awhile now, and all pretty great strains that are well known and universally enjoyed, but I have NEVER had a strain this complex in terms of effects

  3. Nelly

    The only thing needed is the ocean and calypso music. I mean, this is honestly fantastic. The only downside of this strain is that where I got it, it was hard to find and somewhat pricey. (Hey U.S. Government, legalize so I can grow a field of this shit to survive the Trump administration) Love this mehn

  4. Jackson

    Did exactly what the description says. It’s an indica people, definitely NOT for daytime use (unless you want to sleep during the day). Wasn’t sure it was going to live up to the hype, but me likey. Whoever grew this crop did it right. Your troubles and any pain will melt away. You won’t melt into the couch, but I didn’t want to leave, lol. Be one with the Northern Lights..

  5. Cally

    I have trouble sleeping through the night. I can fall asleep with no problem but I wake up around 3 and can’t get back to sleep. This strain has been amazing. I’m sleeping fantastic. I’m a huge fan. Muah.

  6. Calson

    Always a great time smoking this strain. This gives me a great buzz and I’m not paranoid at all unlike other strains I’ve smoked.

  7. Calvin

    This was my first time smoking Northern Lights and it did give me a headache 😆but I enjoyed it the majority of the time.😋

  8. Vinson

    This is my favorite bed time strain. Makes you feel soo good and relaxed. And I don’t want stop taking this, it’s so great 🤤

  9. Colince

    Me and my boys got super stoned of this strain made me relaxed but hyper at the same time would def rip it again

  10. Jane

    I am impressed, great buzz but still functional. helps with sore muscles….. I’m definitely a fan 😁

  11. Wilburn Sizemore


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